LiquidWeb Reviews

LiquidWeb Reviews

November 8th, 2007

Found two new LiquidWeb reviews:

My sites are faster, I have no setup problems as they did most of it and the price of the server is much better than the old one.

I absolutely recommend Liquid Web to anyone looking for a great web host, Liquid Web really know what they are doing, I have no idea why I didn’t host my websites with them when I started them.

Jacks’s Blog

These guys are fabulous.

They have this neat-o little deal called Heroic Support. Wow. I get e-mail answers from them faster than my own mama answers my e-mails. (No offense, Mom!) And those e-mails aren’t just boilerplate “we got your mail; we’ll fix it someday” responses. These are actual people who interact with you and give you solutions to any ol’ problem you throw at ‘em… well, any problem that’s related to your web hosting stuff. Although, I bet I could ask them how to raise my 13 year old, and they’d have some friendly, helpful response.

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