LiquidWeb – Managed Web Hosting

LiquidWeb – Managed Web Hosting

April 17th, 2009


LiquidWeb – founded in 1997 in Lansing, Michigan – is primarily known for their managed dedicated servers and virtual private servers, but they also offer regular shared web hosting plans.

Dedicated Servers

LiquidWeb currently offers Single, Dual and Quad Processors, and lets you choose between Windows and Linux servers. They offer three levels of support: Fully Managed (hardware and software), Core Managed (hardware and core software) or Self Managed (hardware only). In either case you get 24/7 support by phone, email or chat, a 100% network uptime SLA and a 30 minutes response time guarantee.

Prices start at $189/month.

Virtual Private Servers

In between dedicated servers and shared hosting you’ll find virtual private servers. You get the control of a dedicated server and the simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account at an affordable price. You still get full root server access, a 100% network uptime guarantee and the option to setup and host unlimited accounts and domains.

Choose between Linux VPS Basic, Linux VPS Premium and Windows VPS Premium. Prices start at $60/month.

Shared Web Hosting

Select the Standard Plan if you’re only going to host one website, and the Webmaster Plan if you want to host multiple websites. The Professional Plan comes with a dedicated IP address and even more disk space and bandwidth.

All plans includes PHP5, Perl, Python and unlimited MySQL databases, full CGI access, SSH and 24/7/365 support.

The prices varies from $14.95/month to $24.95/month.

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